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Advisors can help you clarify your areas of greatest interest, research who is doing effective work, handle administration, arrange meetings and site visits, evaluate the impact of grants given, and collaborate with other funders.

—Anne Slepian and Christopher Mogil, "Welcome to Philanthropy," National Network of Grantmakers, 1997


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Grant Management

LKM guides the foundation in developing its grantmaking strategies, policies and processes to further its philanthropic goals, increase the effectiveness of its giving and assure maximum impact of grant dollars.

Defining Grantmaking Priorities and Strategies

Translating the foundation's goals, values and unique strengths into priorities and grantmaking strategies that enable the foundation to focus on its areas of interest with the greatest impact.

Developing Grant Guidelines and Funding Opportunities

Developing and issuing guidelines and/or requests for proposals. Determining program areas, geographic limitations, size and duration of grants. Working with grantees to develop projects of interest to donors.

Proposal Assessment

Receiving and assessing grant proposals and other funding requests. Working with the board to establish the criteria and processes by which proposals are selected for formal consideration by the foundation. Preparation of dockets and summaries to facilitate the board's decision-making.

Grantee Relations and Due Diligence

Communication with grant-seekers and screening of proposals. Qualification of grant-seekers and conduct of due diligence including site visits, budget and financial analysis, and community research.

International Philanthropy

For foundations with an interest in international philanthropy, LKM facilitates grantee due diligence and equivalency determination, implements expenditure responsibility and project monitoring, and facilitates the transfer of funds.

Structuring and Implementing Grant Agreements

Negotiation and implementation of grant agreements including scope of project, time period, progress payment milestones, reporting requirements and measurement of outcomes.


Evaluation of funded projects to determine how well the foundation’s and grantee’s goals were met, assess of the impact of project and make recommendations for future support.

Multi-Funder Collaboratives and Donor Circles

Design, coordination and management of multi-foundation collaboratives and donor circles to develop initiatives that advance shared funding priorities to leverage funds and create greater impact.